A Tuna Company is optimized for sneaker botting providing completely private pools. It covers all sneaker websites, and our developers work hard to continuously push updates when these websites make changes. Tuna is your best shot every time.

  • Professional

    Customized for sneaker botting, we provide long term usage tracking, and dynamic updating to optimize the user experience.

  • High performance

    Blazing fast speeds with proxies ranging from 5-300ms ping times.

  • Exclusive

    We craft our proxies to have completely privates pools, outperforming all other companies.

  • Titanic

    Sourcing from a 10 Million IP pool range, each every proxy is meticulously chosen, making every use efficient and real.

  • All day response

    24 hours per day, 7 days a week, without any interruption. Use it whenever you want.

  • Service

    24-7 Discord support making the hassles worry-free.